07-A Cotton and rayon prints colour chart

Cotton and rayon fabrics are perfect for summer. Being made from natural fibres the fabrics are lightweight, cool and breathable in the summer heat.

However these fabrics do require ironing


If you would like to feel the quality of the fabrics please contact us including the name of the colour chart you are looking at and we will send you some samples.

Shop styles in these fabrics


01. NEW Black and pink small floral COTTON (mid-weight)


02. NEW Navy and red small floral COTTON (mid-weight)



03. NEW Black Paisley COTTON (mid-weight)


04. NEW Burgundy paisley COTTON (mid-weight)


05. Peach floral on cream COTTON (light-weight)


06. Black and white zig zag stripes COTTON (light-weight)


07. Black white small floral COTTON (light-weight)


08. Hot pink and cream COTTON (light-weight)


09. Pink, cream and green floral COTTON (light-weight)


10. Black large floral COTTON (light-weight)


11. Navy large floral COTTON (light-weight) ALMOST GONE


12. Blue white lines and floral COTTON (light-weight)


13. Black and white print RAYON


14. Blue floral RAYON


15. Pink floral RAYON


16. Green orange and blue leaves RAYON


17. Light brown leopard RAYON


18. Brown and sand gold RAYON


19. Big bright hot pink and black leaf COTTON (light-weight)


20. Black and white washout zig zag COTTON (light-weight)


21. Black and white zig zags down COTTON (light-weight)


22. Black jade POLY COTTON (extra light-weight)


23. Olive brown floral COTTON (light-weight)


24. Rust and navy stripe COTTON (light-weight)


25. Brown black fleck circle COTTON (mid-weight)


26. Blue red twirls COTTON (mid-weight)


27. Black and charcoal triangles COTTON (mid-weight)


28. Small circle burgundy COTTON (mid-weight)


29. Blue water wave COTTON (mid-weight)


30. Small cream floral COTTON (light-weight)


31. Black and white medium spots COTTON (mid-weight)


32. Black and white small spot COTTON (mid-weight)


33. Blue puddles POLY COTTON (light-weight)


34. Black and white swirls COTTON (mid-weight)


35. Peach cream check slub LINEN


36. Dusty pink slub LINEN


37. Peach white stripe COTTON (mid-weight)


38. Beige and cream stripe COTTON (mid-weight)


39. Blue and white stripe COTTON (mid-weight)


40. Navy yellow green COTTON (light-weight)


41. White COTTON (mid-weight)


42. Black COTTON (mid-weight)