06-A Woven polyester prints and plains colour chart

Polyester is an easy to care for fabric being a 'wash and wear' fabric requiring no ironing. 

However these fabrics are not as cool as cotton and rayon to wear in the warmer weather.


If you would like to feel the quality of the fabrics please contact us including the name of the colour chart you are looking at and we will send you some samples.

Shop styles in these fabrics


01. NEW Blue white cross hatches


02. NEW Red, white and black lines



03. NEW Blue floral


04. NEW Black stars and stripes


05. Blue black floral


06. Peach floral on cream


07. Black and cream bells


08. Black and hot pink small bows


09. Peach floral and krinkle


10. Olive green floral and krinkle


11. Black floral and krinkle


12. Abstract print krinkle


13. Multi bright squares


14. Beige and pink floral garden print


15. Navy and white patchwork


16. Pinkish brown tyedye


17. Plum tyedye


18. Black and almost cream stripe


19. Black and white diamond shapes


20. Charcoal grey and red/green flowers


21. Peach/pink/blue large floral


22. Pink lilac cream black floral


23. Beige tiger print


24. Black and white chains


25. Black and taupe print


26. Cream and burgundy tiny floral


27. Multi colour spots


28. White and black small print


29. Black with brown/beige lines


30. Jade and beige floral


31. Khaki wisps


32. Grey and black rectangles


33. Navy and red spot SOFT SATEEN


34. Blue cream bits POLY COTTON


35. Blue cream floral (light-weight)


36. Old gold bamboo


37. Blue bamboo


38. Blue blasts (light-weight)


39. Springtime SOFT SATEEN


40. Textured cerise pink


41. White almost cream MICROFIBRE


42. Plain black


43. Plain navy


44. Krinkle black


45. Krinkle navy