01-A Plain jersey colour chart

These fabrics are excellent wash and wear fabrics that are also suitable for after 5 wear being an excellent classic knit. With no ironing and no clinging with these fabrics are everlasting excellent quality with plenty of stretch.


If you would like to feel the quality of the fabrics please contact us including the name of the colour chart you are looking at and we will send you some samples.

Shop styles in these fabrics


01. Black newline jersey


02. Dark navy newline jersey 


03. Deep hot pink newline jersey


04. Deep teal newline jersey


05. Khaki newline jersey


06. Pale pink (light-weight)


07. Mid blue jersey (light-weight)


08. Chocolate brown (light-weight)


09. Plum purple (light-weight)


10. Smoky blue (light-weight) - ALMOST GONE